Saris with Blouse - SALE

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Meenal's Indian Fashions has a gorgeous selection of the latest designer sarees. We carry chiffon sarees, georgette sarees, pure crepe sarees, and laser georgette sarees. Spelled either "sari" or "saree", this dress is wrapped around and has been donned by women in India for centuries. There are hundreds of different ways to wear sarees varying by region, but the pictures below represent the most common, or the most prevalent way. Sarees compliment the structure and physique of every woman, whether slender or heavy, short or tall. Not only that, but it can hide flaws, or accentuate a woman's figure.  It's the perfect gift for any woman.

FREE Stitched* Blouse, Edging, and Fawl with the Sari! 

*Size 36" with multiple stitching expandable to 42"

The following represents a small sampling of the saris in stock. Please contact us for the availability of designer saris with stylish blouses, saris for wedding receptions, party-wear saris, and casual saris.

Stitched blouses only




Embroidered Sari






Georgette sari  with light sequin and thread embroidery. Blouse as shown.

Catalog No. 151-S3

Price $99 $79

 Sari and Blouse - SALE!







Beautiful georgette Sari with sequin embroidery  Included pre-stitched blouse (size 36- 42).

Catalog No. 198-SR6

Price $139 $89

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